What is $STEM?
Character Token called "Stem Cell"
$STEM is an in-game-only token, used as a utility token when upgrading or engineering NFT Agents.
Players will be able to use $STEM tokens to upgrade any of the Agents whether they are NFT or not, access breeding functionalities, combine NFTs to create a Netrunner, access perks and content for Agents, and more. These tokens will be generated by the owners of Genesis Agents which are staked.
Other agents who want to be upgraded have to buy $STEM from Genesis-staked-Agents.
The ecosystem does NOT add any coins to itself. The pace of production of $STEM is linear to the requested amount from buyers. $STEM can only be purchased with $SRT and the $ amount will be distributed between the staked Agents.
You cannot trade $SRT to $STEM since $STEM is an in-game-only token. Additionally, $STEM will be required for purchasing optional, custom Edgerunner Agent NFTs.
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