Tokenomics & Distribution
Simple breakdown of percentages of $SRT Token
The percentages of $SRT coins:
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We've developed the initial proposal for $SRT token distribution with the following goals in mind.
  • Incentives for creators to join the platform and produce Experiences
  • Incentives for early players to join and transact in the BrainDance ecosystem
  • Access to $SRT for the BrainDance team to be able to create their own Experiences with celebrities in all industries, host eSports arena tournaments, promote its metaverse, lead growth oriented competitions, sponsor indie devs and more.
  • An initial distribution of $SRT to early Experience builders and city hub owners who build experiences. $SRT will not only be used in game, but also for city hub specific services, management, utilizing build services from any of our dozens of professional build teams to develop your experience(s), and more in the future.
  • Staking to give builders and owners the ability to earn $SRT over time.

Achieve To Earn Rewards

A2E rewards give players access to $USD and $SRT through completing quests, challenges, becoming champions and more across the BrainDance ecosystem.
The A2E mechanisms that have their distributed $SRT funded by reserves are...
  • Premade mechanisms by the BrainDance team in official Experiences.
  • Custom mechanisms created by indie devs that are subject to approval by the BrainDance team.
Additionally, nothing stops city owners from creating $SRT distribution mechanisms that reward players with $SRT tokens that are owned by the city hub. This will likely be a popular way to also attract players to hubs in the future.
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