Staking & Lease
Details on BrainDance staking rewards and Reality leasing


Staking of $SRT provides players a way to lock up supply and earn $SRT token from the revenue of all in-game transactions while further benefitting the overall ecosystem of BrainDance.
Additionally, reality leaders can stake their city hub and while staked make it available for lease.
Leaders set their monthly price to lease their staked city hub in $SRT token. Leasing is optional for staked Realities. The higher the overall score of their reality, the higher the lease amount could e.
As the floor price of city hubs rises, we believe this leasing system is key to allow talented builders and developers to create awesome experiences that earn the builders/developers $SRT from what they build. This allows talented individuals and teams to have access to creating great content for the ecosystem without being priced out in the event they cannot afford to purchase a City Hub because of the floor price.
Additionally, this gives a way for City Hub/Reality Leaders to put their realities to work that they otherwise did not have intention to build on or may not presently be using.


Staking a City Hub unlocks the following.
  • Generates $SRT token on an interval basis just for being staked. Reality Leaders may claim their $SRT token earned from staking at the end of staking period.
  • A staked Reality may optionally be set available for lease. The land owner can set the monthly price, as well as the min/max months available for lease. Lease management will be available through OMEGA.
  • The length of the Stake should be determined from the beginning.
  • Unstaking early has penalties. The penalty will be distributed in the staking pool, sharing the lost rewards between others.
Penalty of unstaking early if the length of stake is less than 180 days
Penalty of unstaking early if the length of stake is more than 180 days
The amount of $SRT earned on a daily basis for a staked reality is based on the following formula.
Each reality will have a staking weight that is based on its overall number discussed in the "Land" segment. The staking weight is
Gi=1033Rank(n)Gi = 103 - 3 * Rank(n)
For a rank 1 reality its weight is 100, and for a rank 10 reality its weight is 1.3. The average weight is 25.
The staking reward is calculated as
Ruser= n=1((Σi ϵ suserGi)÷((Σi ϵ sallGi))rrewardsR_{user}=\ \sum_{n=1}^{\infty}{\left((\Sigma_i\ \epsilon\ s_{user}G_i){\div}((\Sigma_i\ \epsilon\ s_{all}G_i)\right)r_{rewards}}
Over the course of next 7-10 years the $SRT distribution from this amount relative to the timeline will be completed. If fewer hubs are staked, you will earn more $SRT relative to the total hubs staked.
Once staking reserves have been depleted, we believe the City Hub ecosystem will be in a position where leasing a hub via the leasing system tied to staking is a continued value add for keeping a city staked.


Realities that have been staked can be enabled for leasing by the leader.
All renting logic and conditions are managed by the staking smart contract.
Once a reality has been leased, it earns the leader additional $SRT from the monthly fee paid by the renter, as well as the leader's staking rewards.
Leaders are able to control the following details related to their lease offering.
  • The monthly price in $SRT required to lease their reality.
  • The deposit required to lease the City Hub. If a tenant defaults before the term ends, the leader keeps the deposit.
  • The minimum and maximum lease term lengths available in months (interval may change to weeks in the future).
When a staked hub is locked into an active lease it cannot be unstaked or accessed by the leader and it cannot be listed on secondary markets either. Additionally an active lease agreement cannot be terminated by the leader. The lease term may only be terminated under 2 conditions.
  1. 1.
    The lease term is fulfilled.
  2. 2.
    The lessee defaults on a monthly payment, in which case the smart contract will automatically terminate the lease and unlock the city hub for the leader.
Upon one of these 2 conditions occurring, the city hub will be delisted from being available for lease. The leader can then choose to relist their reality for lease and choose to change their terms if they decide to.

The Benefits of Lease for Lessee

Lessee have full access to a city hub they're leasing as if they owned it.
The reality is never transferred out of the staking/leasing smart contract. The smart contract manages permissions passed on to the lessee.
Lessees may sync updates to the reality they are leasing, host it for multiplayer and get full access to all developmental and BrainDance ecosystem features that a regular leader/owner gets.
This allows lessees to build hubs and games and offer them up to the BrainDance player-base.
You can think of this system similarly to commercial real estate. The reality owner is the landlord. The lessee leases the building (city hub/reality) to launch their business in (their game/city hub they make) and then are able to earn $SRT token from in-game players interacting with the reality they made. They could earn $SRT token through players buying in-game items from the reality using their $SRT token, or many other limitless possibilities depending on how they want to build $SRT integrations for the reality they're leasing, which the lessee earns $SRT income.
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