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There is no doubt that P2E was unsustainable. There is little doubt that Play AND Earn is a load of nonsense. High achievers should be able to make a living but not at the cost of entire ecosystem going under. That's why we are introducing Achieve-to-Earn term.

Achieve to Earn

It's pretty simple. There are purchasable items that achievers will unlock with hardwork and sell at the market price to those who want to get their hands on the items without the grind. Developers take a fee in order to keep up the service and development and those who grinded make a living.
Okay we could've named it Grind to Earn but it wasn't sexy.

$SRT Rewards Faucet (Achievement Rewards)

Every reality has the ability to earn $SRT by disbursements of players through the P2E rewards faucet.
The rewards faucet is available for all realities but most importantly, the realities that create publicly playable games and content that players would likely enjoy. Incentivizing players to play in your reality because it has access to $SRT earnings for players from the P2R rewards faucet is a great way to grow your reality's community and player base.
Realities that want to rewards players from the rewards faucet are required to create content that are objectively fair and publicly accessible. All players should have equal opportunity to earn $SRT token in your reality if you'd like to utilize the faucet. This means that you need to create jobs and compensate the players for finishing them.
Here are some examples of jobs and content that would be eligible to participate in utilizing the rewards faucet. Keep in mind, reward systems you create that could be clearly exploited will be rejected from accessing the P2E rewards faucet.
  • Jobs that aid the leader of reality in keeping the NPCs happy such as creating public festivals, amusement parks, etc.
  • Jobs that protect the security and safety of all residents in each reality such as going to war with others who threaten the safety of your reality.
  • RPG games that reward players for accomplishing quests, defeating bosses, winning in PvP arenas, etc.
  • Educational realities that reward players for learning things or skills that also include systems to test what players have learned or to challenge their skills.
  • Battle royale games such as tower defense or hack'n'slash that reward the players in each match.
  • Team based games that reward the top percentage of players in each match.
Ultimately, building games and experiences in your reality that reward players through faucet is a great way to incentivize players to join your reality's community and enjoy their time playing games.
Reality leaders holding at least 1 BrainDance governance token (To be announced at a later date) from staking are permitted to participate in governing access and policing the P2E rewards systems. Stakers are given this governance token. Staked realities can still be played, developed and do not impact usability.
A reality that wants access to the rewards faucet must have a minimum amount of $SRT token staked to the reality through the faucet system. This staked $SRT is locked up and acts as a mechanism to deter abuse of the $SRTrewards faucet.
Realities that violate usage of the $SRT rewards faucet can be slashed by governance members. Through member governance, if a reality has been found to have violated allowed usage of its faucet access, the $SRT staked to it that enabled its access to the faucet is taken and returned to the P2E rewards pool and access to the rewards faucet is permanently revoked from the reality in violation.
Lastly, the amount of $SRT that will be made available to realities through the rewards faucet will be a yet-to-be-determined fixed daily amount on a reality by reality basis. This prevents any special treatment for specific realities and gives fair opportunity of distribution for each reality based on their games available for players.

Your Own Token

Experience builders can issue their own token and have it trade against $SRT. With this method we're giving everybody a fair chance of launching their own ecosystem and monetizing it.
Opportunities to earn are endless.
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