Team up to create more P2E opportunities
Team up with other Edgerunners to create a super city
Since the price of BD NFTs is high compared to other P2E games, it creates a dynamic ecosystem of owners and scholars who are put to work by NFT owners to take care of their cities in exchange for income. This dynamic assures the overall simulation is run smoothly as the trading/gaming between cities moves the economic engine.

What is a guild?

A group consisting of scholars, managers and owners, who have set up a community/constitution governing the split of profits and policies of play.
In BD, we call guilds Factions. It's cyberpunk, people!

What is a BD Faction?

A BD faction consists of an individual or, more likely, several individuals who have teamed up to maximize the profits that can be earned from the City Hub/Lands they own — City Hub is the core building in that reality and NFT characters are the presidents with special powers.
To make money in BD, you need to complete in-game battles and actions such as advancing the civilization to earn $SRT (Serotonin) tokens. These tokens alone have a real value on the market, but they can also be spent to boost the economy of that city by upgrading the buildings, hiring more workforce, etc. This ensures that more $SRT is generated which in turn, profits all players in that city.
A faction is made up of two broad divisions. There are the Presidents that control the Hubs, and then there are the residents who effectively do the work for money in the game.

How many Levels in the management?

There are 3 levels in the management of cities:
1- Presidents who own the City Hub
2- Second/third-in-command, called citizens, who help the President with decision making, overseeing the workforce and updating the President on the progress.
3- Regular residents. These are the workforce who complete the game's tasks.

What is a BD residency?

To maximize the play-to-earn aspect of BrainDance, a President needs to have their city run at maximum efficiency and this means that there is a need to have regular players, i.e. residents, in their city. A minimum of 25 $SRT tokens can be earned in any given 24 hours. Plus, there is experience (XP) for each character in BD to be gained by grinding through battles as well as arena battles that can reap further $SRT rewards.
So, how does a president keep their city maximizing profits every day? They attract residents to their city.
Residents are players who don’t own an NFT and just want to play the game for free. Instead of purchasing an NFT, they join the workforce. Residents can rank up by either purchasing an NFT (e.g. Citizens who aid the Presidents) or lease it for a period of time. In this arrangement, both parties win. The residents can make more money where they otherwise couldn’t, and a Presidents or faction can ensure their city is turning a profit when they can’t play the game themselves or they delegate the management.
Assuming, of course, that the resident fulfills the conditions of their residency in terms of daily SRT yield.
Factions can frequently offer other benefits to residents getting into BD for the first time. They can provide lessons and guides on how to play as well as a community for support, direction and friendship. Ultimately, a resident can earn enough SRT or Ethereum to purchase their own BD NFT and can then either choose to play the game on their own or petition to level up from resident to citizen or even the President within the faction.
Wanna stream while playing BD?

How much SRT can you earn in a day?

The SRT available on any given day can change. For now, you can earn SRT in three ways:
  1. 1.
    You can play through the build & explore Mode, which is a player-versus-environment (PVE) experience.
  2. 2.
    You can play through the Arena Mode, which is a player-versus-player (PVP) experience. The amount of SRT you earn from winning depends on your ranking.
  3. 3.
    You can complete the daily quests.

How factions split SRT with residents in BD

Now that you’ve got your mind around the ways SRT — read: money — is earned in BD, the next question becomes: how much is your split as a resident? The split is different in each faction. For many, that’s likely to be the main differentiator when starting out. There are typically between two and five entities that may be involved in the sharing of SRT.
  • Residents
  • Citizens
  • President
  • Faction
  • Community
The resident can usually expect from 5% to 10% of that share. Some factions take a cut that goes into a pool that is then split between members or otherwise invested individuals. For example, the faction may buy more NFTs, even from different games. Others take a community cut, which funnels back to residents via intra-faction competitions or even eSports tournaments.
Residents get paid automatically by the smart contract. It's a trustless system.

What is the payout to people who own x number of NFTs out of the entire collection:

1- One Character + One PH + One City = Earn 90-95% of rewards
2- One Character + One City = Earn 80% of rewards
3- One Character + One PH = Earn 60% of rewards
4- One PH + One City = Earn 50% of rewards
5- One City = Earn 40% of rewards
6- One PH = Earn 30% of rewards
7- One Character = Earn 20% of rewards
8- Own a citizen NFT = Earn 5-10% of rewards
9- Play as resident = Earn 1-5% of rewards
BONUSES: Presidents are able to give bonuses based on performance of residents. This type of payment is outside of the system and is done manually and can range from 0 to 100% of their own payout.
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