Mods & Decentralization
How the Massive Multiplayer Online Structure
What makes a web3 game truly decentralized is how centralized their servers are. Centralization points to single point of failure, losing access to most utility and functionality of NFTs and tokens, and most importantly losing access to your content within the game or platform.
This creates a significant liability for decentralized gaming platform, especially those with metaverse capability. In order to address those issues, we fully support modification community (mods) and also implemented our own multiplayer architecture.
High Level Architecture diagram
1- BrainDance players use the game launcher that automates the installation of user generated mods, visual upgrades, blockchain specific UI and more for their local client. Players use this launcher anytime they want to play the game.
2- Game launcher interacts with our official smart contract that acts as regional router. Allowing the game client to know through oracle's, where a specific game server is hosted and whether it can connect to it. Reality owners have control of defining connection details for their reality within the router contract.
3- The game server will be open source and available to public for general use. It is compatible with Linux and Windows environments. A reality owner can modify their reality in any shape and form, create fun mini-games and host them for others to play using their own infrastructure. By decoupling where each server is hosted and letting reality owners be in control of how they host their reality, we create a decentralized ecosystem where everything is accessible and verifiable through blockchain and oracles.
4- Custom servers have baseline compatibility required for hosting modded realities. This includes Node.JS layer to sync in-world interactions with the blockchain and web APIs. In addition, anyone can easily integrate custom functionalities if they wish to do so. This allows custom mini-games and full games to be available to play for everyone in blockchain. Modders can then link these games with P2E functionality of smart contract and the entire ecosystem with $SRT token.
Basically anything that you can imagine is doable.
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