The New Entertainment Center
Combining Movies, Video games and Music into a new category of immersive entertainment

The Experiences

BrainDance is a First-Person-View entertainment platform. By combining different aspects of video games, movies, and Music into a new form of entertainment, users are able to experience different events that they cannot normally experience in real life. Rescuing the queen as 007 from terrorist attacks? Check. Running away from a mass murderer in a haunted village? Check. Rocking a stage as your favorite celebrity in front of thousands of fan? Check.
Experiences are short form playable events. Events are either story or mission driven.
These experiences are hosted on a decentralized platform and they can be created by anyone, especially by indie producers, developers and designers, using the experience system creation.
Experiences are NFTs. Some are 1/1 and some are mass produced. Some are free but come with microtransactions. Some are single player and some are multiplayer. Some take 1-2 hours to finish and some take days. Some have their own community and expand beyond. Some have their own sub-NFTs. In order to fully live these experiences there is no pause or save option. You either finish them or you die trying.
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