Game Creation System
Why reinvent the wheel when you can adjust it?


You can select a template for experience creation or import your own
By creating a huge library of Blueprints (segments of code that are already written and can be imported to add certain functionality) and visual templates, we give users a basis to create different experiences in different genres such as action, adventure, horror, racing, hand to hand combat and sports, etc.
In addition, by linking indie developers to celebrities who want to create customized experiences, we add highly curated events to our ever growing library of Experiences.
In this way, we:
  • Let communities create custom storylines with full control of how events turn out.
  • Let players create assets for others' use. This enables a creator economy and incentivize the community to engage with each others' creations.
  • We bring small or big brands to BrainDance by onboarding them through creator portals where they can create a customized experience.
  • Let players be in possession of their assets, characters, cities, etc.
  • Let players generate NFTs out of missions and loots and put a secondary value on them.
  • Let players create mods of existing experiences. MODS! Who here remembers the 2008 era where you could mod Unreal Tournament and it was officially supported even on PS3? let's bring that era back. Having designed and developed games for more than 15 years, working with open source and exclusive software in different companies, we knew it would be a perfect fit to power our decentralized gaming experience within existing concepts using custom made tools that are a mix of exclusive and open source software.
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