Experience Platform
The transaction ecosystem
Each experience can host its own sub-NFTs
OMEGA is the marketplace or Experience Platform of BrainDance. You can buy, sell, trade, lend short term or lease long term with minimal fees.
OMEGA is a decentralized marketplace with a committee of nodes keeping the data of experiences online.
In addition, you can upload/create new experiences, stake, become a node, claim airdrops and connect with a community through this platform.
While we will list every collection on other secondary marketplaces, we recommend everyone to use our own platform as there are minimal fees, listings are free and customer service actually exists.

NFT Creation

A huge part of BD is creative freedom within communities. Everyone is welcomed to create experiences and sell them as NFT or create different assets for others to own. From Edgerunner traits to 3D assets in PH or Hubs to story and games, you have total freedom to turn your ideas to the actual NFTs.
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